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Want to create some sweat equity?

We have had many customers who want to build their own home and just need a little help instead of a full service general contractor.

 What you get with "Help-U-Build"

  • Experience - 15 years (Red Deer Construction was created in 2005). The only way to get 15 years of experience is to do something for 15 years. We get better with every project. We will help you through the whole process from creating a cost breakdown, finding sub-contractors, dealing with the city and inspectors, etc.
  • We are fully licensed and insured - Use our license and our insurance to put your bank (and yourself) at ease.
  • Equity - Most General Contractors charge 10%-15% of the total cost of the build to manage your project. You can save 10's of thousands or more by doing this yourself.
  • A team of experts - While building a house sometimes there are little things that are hard to find subs for or things that come up that need to be dealt with right away. If you hire us to help-u-build you have our team willing and ready to help with those little emergencies.
  • Cost saving suggestions and analysis - We will help you find the right subs, decipher their bids if needed and find the best value.