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What does a new house, finished basement or Remodel cost?

Custom homes are custom, getting an accurate square foot price is impossible without knowing all the details of the build, but sometimes you just want to get an idea before starting a project. The prices we listed below are a pretty broad range of what the projects we have done recently (as of spring 2023) have cost.

  • New Home - The last 3 "High End" custom homes we built, 8000-12000 square feet, have cost between $175-$240 per square foot. This is including all the square footage of the house(basement, main, upper), the cost of the 3 car garage is included but the garage square footage is not included in the total home square footage.
  • Addition - Additions usually cost more per square foot than a new home because they are smaller than a new custom home. The last few we have built average around $200.00 per square foot.
  • Basement Finish - The last few have included full kitchens and 1 bath, about $42.00 per square foot



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