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"Andy and Candis Meredith have a passion for saving and renovating old homes. With the help of their six little boys and baby girl in tow, this energetic Utah couple takes dilapidated houses from the 1800s and restores them to their original beauty for future homeowners to cherish for years to come."

Red Deer Construction on Old Home Love

Why US

    This was not the first time we have been approached to be on TV but it was by far the best offer we have received. The other offers required us to pay a large amount of money to basically make an infomercial that aired when nobody was watching. So you can understand Jake's skepticism when he received a call from another network Rep. After listening to the Rep make his pitch for several minutes Jake finally heard the words that helped change his mind "Oh, by the way, we will pay you for your work". After hearing this Jake suggested to the Rep that he call Tim and start the conversation with those words.

    Long story Short, we were invited for an interview and hired by Candise as "Lead Contractors" on the job. We also helped out with a lot of the demo, carpentry and electrical.

Shots from the Shows

    Kitchen Demo

    Old Home Love, Demo

    Handrail Demo and Wall Construction

    Old Home Love

    Finish Electrical

    Old Home Love, Red Deer Construction

    Master Bedroom Finish Work

    Old Home Love, Red Deer Construction

    120 years of dust

    Old Home Love, Red Deer

    Pocket Door Repair

    Old Home Love, Red Deer Construction

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