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Custom Cabinets

        Red Deer construction has been building projects that require custom cabinets for over 10 years. In the past we have relied on several different companies to build these cabinets for us. One of those companies was Greg Pyne Construction. Greg has over 30 years experience building custom cabinets. We appreciated his eye for detail and unsurpassed quality of work.

        In 2012 we partnerd with Greg and became Red Deer Custom Cabinets. Our partnership allows us to serve our Red Deer customers better by providing an "In-House" cabinet shop, giving us more control over scheduling and pricing.

        Our goal is to build the best, highest quality cabinets for a fair price, providing the best value for our customers.

Quality Componets


  • The box is the core strength for any cabinet. We use a variaty of materials to build the box depending on the customers preference. Rest assured knowing that we use the latest industry standards for construction and assembly of each box.


  • The most common failure we see when replacing cabinets for a client is that there old drawers are broken or don't function correctly. The cause of this problem usually stems from poor quality of materials used.
  • We use stainless steel-full extension-soft/self close drawer guides for long lasting, smooth, and comfortable operation.
  • Our drawer boxes are built with a special plywood designed for cabinet drawers. Baltic Birch plywood is just better, google it and you will see what I mean.
  • Dovetail Joint Drawers.

Door and Drawer Fronts

  • The door and drawer fronts are the most visable part of the cabinets. The style and finish make or break a cabinet job.
  • We build a lot of our drawer fronts and doors in-house but also have several companies available to us that specialize is just building doors. The advantage of this is we can get pretty much any style of door.
  • We also use soft/self close hinges for most projects.

Finish (Stain, Varnish, Glaze, Lacquer, etc.)

  • There are many steps to getting the perfect finish. A typical finish job can take 8-10 coats to get the desired finish.
  • Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer is probably the most commonly used material for finishing (paint grade) cabinets. It provides a smooth clean finish.
  • Conversion Varnish is a more durable finish (compared to pre-catalyzed lacquer), providing better wear resistance in wet envoirnments like kitchens and baths.
  • We use high quality stains and glazes.










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